My experience at Cache Title is like a 67 Camaro. The older it gets the better it is! I am coming up on 9 years with Cache Title so from the stance of a muscle car I am getting pretty good. One would think that handling papers all day would be boring and have zero satisfaction. To the surprise of most, being an Escrow Officer is indeed very exciting. The climax is seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they have signed their name on that last document when buying that new home, purchasing a piece of land they have been dreaming about for years, or saving money by refinancing their existing home. For whatever the reason their smiles never get old. The details of my job are what make it possible to have such experiences. 

To accomplish such excitement I fulfill responsibilities from orchestrating the transaction between Seller and Buyer to lender and Real Estate Agent. Not do I only handle the closing of the transactions but the marketing and recruiting of future business at Cache Title. 

The world of an Escrow Officer is ever changing which makes it a great job to have.

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